My First ever blog post at 55!!

I thought long & hard if I should start a blog & the reasons why do I want to write a blog? will I have time to keep updating the blog? and most importantly will anyone read it? and will they find my ramblings interesting enough to come back & visit again? Well lets see and here goes….So everything you will read are my own words, not always the best grammar but hopefully the correct spelling with the help of spell checker! My blog will be mostly about my hubby’s Alzheimer’s and how we cope as a family and tips I’ve learned along the way.  I have followed many blogs over the last two years, dipped in and out of some and visited one or two never ever to go back again!!…

Basically this is my life so far….all 55 years of it in a couple of paragraphs, well a few more to be honest!!  I was brought up in the beautiful Somerset village of Chew Magna  near Bristol within a loving family of two younger sisters and my mum and dad, dad was a builder and ran a small building firm and mum was a housewife, always there when we woke up & when we got home from school. my mum was soft & gentle but my dad was very strict, had to be I suppose with three daughters!! he liked proper manners and always told us that good manners & politeness went a long way. All my school years were very normal, I was average at school never set my sights very high, just wanted to be a hairdresser when I left in 1977 & dreams of being a wife & mum in my early twenties…..All of which happened just as I’d planned it. Married in 1982 to Paul the young man of my dreams, (who by the way I met & married within 15 months) and we bought our own house, and just over a year later in October ’83 had our first born, our daughter Rebecca, she hates her name so has always been called Becky, (Rebecca when she was naughty!) quickly followed by our son Thomas in 85.   Ahhh my dream family was complete, my mission accomplished. Happy & content my life continued as normal with its usual ups and downs like everyone else. Moved house a couple of times but stayed within the same town, fast forward and two gorgeous granddaughters arrived within 18 months of each other, Ruby & Matilda, one from each of our children so life on the whole was good! actually life was very good, UNTIL…. you knew it was coming didn’t you…my darling Paul reached the big 50 and he began to seem forgetful, was it his age? yes probably well he was 50 and a male after all!! Time went on, a couple of years actually & then it got serious, he was forgetting things on a daily basis so he said he wasn’t happy with his memory and the fact he kept forgetting things, and asked if I would go with him to the GP. Well after that visit & a referral to a memory clinic, two different brain scans and 7 months we were given the shock diagnosis of ALZHEIMER’S.


5 thoughts on “My First ever blog post at 55!!

  1. Hi Tracey my mother in law is 81 this year.We think she may have the early stages of Alzheimer’s but won’t go to the doctor.She has been showing signs for over 2 years but we don’t know what to do if she won’t go just to get checked out.Dad is nearly 84 and as we live quite a journey away he is getting by on his own.any suggestions please?


    1. Ahh sorry to hear this Susan, all I would suggest is maybe you could write to her doctor with your concerns or when so when she next has to go it will be on her surgery notes. take care, feel free to keep in touch x


  2. Hi husband to has young onset Alzheimer’s .he pca vatiant diagnosis. His started about 3yrs ago when he was 57.unlike your husband mine has had to give up work and driving because his condition affects the way he sees things judging distances and mixing up wirds and items alonh with the nemory issues.he also has epilepsy and sleep we are both on the same road.i dont know about yourself but i feel we have been robbed of our retirement years. But last year and this year I have booked about 7 short breaks away we are forwarding the time we had planned for the future.I live in Bristol not far from yourselves


    1. Hi Carol, lovely to hear from you, my goodness your hubby is young to have so many problems.:( we are in the same boat aren’t we. I am also on Facebook too. Fancy your only in Bristol! We should stay in touch. Xx


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