4) Live TV… us? Really?

After the story in a national magazine turned out not quite as we’d hoped we were then asked if we would like to go on live early morning television and talk about Paul’s Alzheimer’s and the pending 2015 Alzheimer’s society memory walks which take place up & down the uk in September &October. Wanting to continue with our quest to raise awareness we said yes! We had a film crew come to the house to film the background story,  now that was fun. We had to chat to the producer who was asking the questions which would be shown before we go live, and she asked some pretty in-depth questions while a camera was running in the background and at times Paul choked up and cried but I guess that was what they wanted. On the day of transmission we were picked up from our hotel by a chauffeured car, arrived at the studio at 7am had make up done, waited in the green room which wasn’t Greemnan by the way! and then we were called to the studio… we had our microphones attached to us we were ready to go on set! We were ‘on air’ as they call it for 7 minutes. Gabby Roslin made us feel welcome, the interview got underway & Paul got a bit upset so that was what they call  golden tv! I managed to get my message across about raising awareness for people young like Paul with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and also managed to mention the memory walks and encourage people to register, get sponsors & walk with friends and family. Another mission accomplished!



2 thoughts on “4) Live TV… us? Really?

  1. I find this really sad at such a young age I admire you Tracey keep strong I work with dementia youngest 69 I have so much compassion for them because some are so advanced find my self trying constantly to find ways to reassure and help them I lost my husband 4months ago I am devastated when he went to hospital he kept being confused and I worried about dementia as I had little insight but no it was infection and he ended up with sepsis, I lost him he could not fight any longer he was only 70 well not quite I asked that I take him home as they said he had only About 24 hrs could not believe it anyway had him at home for six days with no antibiotects feel very bitter about that but he had his 70th birthday on the 22 nd September and we talked a little I hold on to that very precious week and all the happy times so I am saying to you treasure everyday you have with your husband dementia or not keep him close by speak to him share things get every bit of information you can all the little tips to help with problems I love my job I’m 66 don’t no how long I can go on with it financially I need to it gives me great strength also not read all your story but will do.xx


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