5) Local Radio & Local Newspapers… 

The Alzheimer’s Society rang and asked if we’d like to talk about Paul’s Journey so far and promote the memory walks? Well as we’ve done tv we thought we’d give Radio a try and very thankful for the opportunity too! We were given a slot on the BBC  Radio Bristol Ali Vowles Saturday Breakfast Show beginning of September 2015, Radio was more relaxed, no need to be nervous as there was only a few people involved and no cameras. Ali was so lovely, she came out of her studio while a record was playing so we were introduced & had a quick chat, then we were taken into the studio. How anyone knows what buttons to press & when amazes me… there must of been at least 50 of em! We had a brilliant interview, I felt Very relaxed, Paul was too and I managed to say what I wanted to and more! We had our Photo taken with Ali (as I’m making a memory book for Paul) had another quick off air chat & then we said thank you and goodbye. Little did I realise then I would meet Ali another 3 times in the year!

Local free newspapers ran the story about ‘couples passion to raise awareness as husband has Alzheimer’s at 54’ was the usual headline, we didn’t mind as long as that headline made someone read the story that it can affect any age any time.

The Sunday Bristol Memory Walk day had arrived, a sunny & warm day welcomed over 1000 people walking to raise awareness, all wearing the official white t shirts, cards pinned to the back of most t-shirts telling who they wege walking in memory of.  We were joined by close family which included our then 4 year old granddaughter Ruby and my 83 year old mum & our friends 25 of us in total walked the 6k all along the harbour waterside. To cross the finishing line & get a medal was for me quite moving! Something I’d never really done before. We completed the day with a late lunch and hobbled back to our cars with a great sense of achievement and pride medals still around our necks. The next day was a Monday and to say I woke up feeling flat was an understatement, the previous day had been so emotional and I still wanted to climb any rooftop and shout about Alzheimer’s & Dementia.


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