6) More TV means more awareness.

Sky TV no less got in touch with us via the media team at Alzheimer’s Society, they wanted to come to our house and do a piece about Paul’s dementia, they were linking it with a piece they were filming in Bristol at a special nursing home that has built an old fashioned  1940 & 1950’s style high street on site in the grounds of the home. The piece was about the different scales of Dementia from the elderly to the young… being Paul. It all happened on a Saturday afternoon. The reporter Rebecca Williams ex BBC girl was so friendly and she had a sound man & camera man all very friendly, I made them tea & coffee and we got to know one another before we started filming.It takes ages to film and when you see it on the television it’s just about 5 minutes long. 5 minutes about Alzheimer’s & Dementia is better than zero minutes. the Piece went out on the Sunday morning, it was said that if there was no important news story over night it will go out on the hour from 6am-10am and it did!!! we sat in our pyjamas and watched ourselves on Sky TV, felt good, felt strange, & mostly felt proud.


National News one minute, Local news the next!! The Made In Bristol TV channel asked if we’d do a piece about Dementia in the local area & how we coped. More awareness locaslly is what we want, and we got it. A good 5 minute peice went to air and again it was repeated several times which was to our advantage.



5 thoughts on “6) More TV means more awareness.

  1. Its fantastic that you are raising awareness of this cruel disease. My dad was diagnosed in October although I had worked with patients for many years I had never witnessed the early symptoms only the late and my dads journey so far has been an education. Hope you are both well and keep up the great work xx


  2. Well done for raising awareness that this cruel journey not only claims the eldery but also the young as well , I work in a domicillary setting, support complex for extra care but we only see our beautiful clients when they are well into their journey.Looking forward to following your blog . Keep on raising awareness good for you and your husband.
    Kimberley H


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