7) I’m sorry….It’s been a while.

Apologies as its been a while since I added anything on my blog… why?…well its been a few manic months at home!   We’ve had Christmas (tell you about that later) a winter week away in our caravan & my elderly parents are getting less independent and need more of my time AND our 31 year old son returned home to live with us! Yes I did type 31!!!

Right then.. Christmas, hmm, Paul didn’t seem to cope that well with Christmas, we were at my parents for the whole day with all our family & extended family and as you can imagine with a large family  it gets loud, lots of different conversations going on all at the same time, playing games & two little noisy granddaughters running around, well, that would be hard enough to endure for the toughest of us!.. so imagine what its like for someone with Dementia. Hard to cope with.

We all noticed what a great difference with Paul on that day I wish not to remember, he didn’t seem to join in anything, wanted to sit quiet in another room with my elderly dad, didn’t eat a large lunch, didn’t understand some of our conversations, therefore didn’t or couldn’t join in & couldn’t play our annual Christmas day bingo game as he couldn’t mark off the numbers on his card, this really wasn’t my Paul anymore.It made me so so sad and upset.  For the first time ever I actually look back and hated that Christmas day. And Boxing day wasn’t much better, we were still at my mum & dads but there was less of us and I wasn’t so stressed and I actually prefer Boxing day anyway!  Paul was brighter and enjoyed the day on the whole.

A couple of days after Christmas we went to Devon in our caravan with our Cockapoo Molly. We were away for a week and it was just lovely, plenty of winter sunshine, long dog walks & good book and relax!! ‘Just what the doctor ordered’ as they say!! We had a blast, and I really did us both good.

A few weeks into the new year, both back at work and not really enjoying the long month of  January, well who does? And then guess what?.. our son who had been renting a room in a house nearby decided he was unhappy and really wanted to come back home to mum & dad and try to save up to get a proper place….what could we say, we had to say YES!!






5 thoughts on “7) I’m sorry….It’s been a while.

  1. Hi Tracy great to see a blog from you I’m in a similar situation as you we live in devon hubby Dave has mild cognitive impairment on first round 2nd scan in march but self and friends agree from The Alzheimer’s site he ranges from two/three/four for something’s going by there seven stages like you I find it so hard at times to see the puzzle that made Dave has piece by piece been removed or replaced take care both of you xx


  2. Hi Tracey

    Just wanted to say I heard the piece on the radio earlier. You are just the person to bring any cause to the forefront. “Not a quiet couple”!

    Jessica told me of your blog after I told her (!) That I’d heard you on the radio. She also told me how I could contact you – I’m not that great with social media/tech! Would rather be baking!

    Be nice to keep in touch, best wishes



    1. Hello Cherry! Lovely to hear from you, & thank you! Yes I’ve never been quiet as you well know!! trying to raise awareness helps me cope!! You need to embrace social media Cherry! Waiting to see you on ‘The Great British Bake Off!’ Take care xxx


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